SEO Update by Mahima Chawla

SEO – The Digital Backdrop of The Internet!

With the advancement in the SEO industry, today, it has become a major part of every company. Right from the website to blogs, it rules the internet. Gone are the days when SEO was just related to keywords and backlinks. Today, SEO itself deals with content and data optimization. Google Algorithm consists of more than 2000 determinants and out of these, SEO is the most complex yet influential element.

Search Engine Optimization is the science used for exploring the horizon of search results and with the constant improvement in the SEO rules, some ranking determinants have vanished completely from the internet (which may have been the essence of SEO till the last minute) and discrete ones have appeared out of the blue.

SEO Update by Mahima Chawla
SEO Update

Following is the list of the “Game Changing” trends of SEO that still a lot of companies are not using!

Intensifying Voice Search

Here is an interesting fact – 20% of people are using voice search on their Android or Apple smartphones. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, while announcing the Google I/O keynote, he shared this information with the world. Gone are the days when people used to type and search for the right answers over various search engines. Now, voice-activated smartphones and smart speakers like, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Google Assistant are helping people to experience a new sphere of searching and interacting.

Prioritizing User Experience:

As the world is experiencing the skyline of digitalization, the user is becoming impatient. Today, regardless of the search device or engine, everyone is looking for a quick fix for the problems. Another study conducted by Google stated, “any website that takes more than 4 seconds to load actually ends up losing 40% of its users right after the 4th Second”

Apart from the website loading time, how quick the user understands the navigation process on the website or what a blog wants to specify also affect the user experience. This is where SEO experience plays its role for the user as it goes beyond the loading time of a website.

According to Google, a coherent and a flawless user experience is a major subset of its ranking system regardless of what the search platform is!

The Video Content Augmentation:

According to Cisco Study, 82% of consumer traffic will be generated by video content by the year 2021 arrives. This is a crucial information because if this is the case then all other famous content platforms we know as of now will fall into oblivion. Right now, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google in the world. Therefore, collaborating SEO with Video content is the next big leap!

Featured Snippets:

A Search Engine Result Page (SERP) feature is the foundation of SEO. Featured Snippets means the organic selected searches that appear below the ad box on the Google Top Page. The aim of featured snippets is to answer user query right away. They help in attracting 10% of the online traffic that is being generated online every second. SEO here plays a vital role in structuring and formatting the content for featured snippets.

Altogether, SEO is evolving and changing rapidly which eventually shapes business on various digital platforms. If SEO is not a part of your business on diverse levels then you are losing a lot of revenue generating opportunities which will hinder the significance of business in the future.

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