Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy – but what is blockchain, and how can it be used in digital marketing? In this article, we’ll explore the basics of blockchain technology and how it can be used to create more secure, transparent, and efficient digital marketing campaigns.

What do you mean by Blockchain in digital marketing

When we talk about blockchain in digital marketing, we are referring to the use of blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent environment for online marketing transactions. By using blockchain, businesses can avoid the need for third-party intermediaries, which can often be costly and time-consuming. This can speed up transactions and make the whole process more efficient. In addition, blockchain provides a high level of security, which is essential for any online transaction.

How digital marketing will change in future with Blockchain

The way we interact with the internet is changing. Increasingly, we are moving away from centralized systems and towards decentralized ones. This shift is being driven in part by the rise of blockchain technology.

As more and more businesses begin to explore the potential of blockchain, it is likely that digital marketing will change in a number of ways. Here are some of the ways that blockchain could impact digital marketing in the future:

1. Increased Transparency

One of the key benefits of blockchain is that it is incredibly transparent. Every transaction that takes place on a blockchain is recorded and stored on a public ledger. This could have implications for digital marketing, as businesses would need to be more transparent about their activities.

2. Greater Security

Another benefit of blockchain is that it is highly secure. Because every transaction is recorded and stored on a public ledger, it would be very difficult for anyone to tamper with the data. This could make digital marketing campaigns more secure, as businesses would not need to worry about their data being hacked or corrupted.

3. New Ways of Targeting Customers

Blockchain could also enable businesses to target customers in new ways. For example, if a business knows that a customer has

Benefits of Blockchain in digital marketing

The adoption of blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace across a variety of industries, and digital marketing is no exception. Blockchain provides a number of potential benefits for businesses and marketers, including improved security, transparency, and efficiency.

Security is one of the most important considerations for businesses when it comes to digital marketing. Blockchain technology can help to protect businesses from data breaches and cyber attacks. By using a decentralized database, blockchain makes it more difficult for hackers to access sensitive information. In addition, blockchain enables businesses to verify the identity of their customers and ensure that data is not being tampered with.

Transparency is another important benefit of blockchain technology. With blockchain, businesses can track every interaction that takes place on the network. This transparency can help to build trust between businesses and their customers. In addition, blockchain can help businesses to identify fraudulent activity and prevent it from occurring.

Finally, blockchain technology can help to improve the efficiency of digital marketing campaigns. By automating processes and eliminating the need for intermediaries, blockchain can help businesses to save time and money. In addition, blockchain-based smart contracts can help to automate the execution of marketing campaigns and ensure that they are carried out as intended.


The potential of blockchain in digital marketing is truly exciting. With its ability to provide transparency and security, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with customers and manage data. As technology continues to develop, we can only imagine the possibilities that will be made available to businesses and marketers alike. We can’t wait to see what the future of blockchain in digital marketing holds!

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Even when women rule every genre known to the world, why still it is hard for them to play the cards by their terms?

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand, Author & Philosopher

When a woman steps into the world of entrepreneurship, she faces challenges that a man never faces in the business world. In the US, 40% of businesses are owned by women. “The number of companies owned by women increased almost 31-fold between 1972 and 2018 from 4,02,000 to 12.3 million,” according to the 2018 state of women-owned businesses report. Despite the increasing numbers, women face challenges that are totally different from men. Their “gender’ describes the ability to classify as a working lady to the world.

The first and foremost challenge women face is:

Limited Funding:

In the male dominating business world, it is difficult for women to raise money to fund their businesses. “The investors are more likely to ask female entrepreneurs prevention questions, whereas male entrepreneurs are asked promotion questions,” according to the Academy of Management report. This clearly indicates that investors are more concerned about losses when a business is run by a woman. However, on the contrary, they want the men to explain their ambition action plan and how they plan to grow their business. And sadly, entrepreneurs who are asked promotion question receive easy funding.

According to The Hiscox American Courage Index, “38.7% of women entrepreneurs are focused on paying off debts, compared to 25.5% of men.” Still, surprisingly, women CEOs face the funding challenge as compared to their male counterpart.

The Creative Ordeal:

The fact is not hidden from the world that women tend to invest their time and energy into a business which is creative as compared to men. According to research, 21.6% of women CEOs stated their business being on the creative edge as compared with 6.6% of men making the same statement.

Another challenge faced by women in the male-dominated business society is keeping the numbers rolling by giving the business the creativity it needs the most. Investors do not like to invest in businesses that solely depend upon the creative crunch of the owner. Rather, they would happily invest in manufacturing companies – goods that are high in demand.

Maintaining The Work-Life Balance:

Well, this challenge is usually a woman’s problem because they are obligated to look after their family regardless of what role they play in the business world. From taking care of the children to looking after her husband – all is a woman’s job. It is the women who need to make sacrifices for their family. Also, business means a lot of traveling and when a woman is a glue to the wellness of her house and family members, it becomes difficult for them to travel without any challenge.

Confronting Social Expectations:

Networking is the soul of any enterprises and women when attending any business seminar or workshop know how hard it is to talk business with the opposite sex. Women feel more comfortable talking about the business with the same sex, however, unfortunately, a handful of women will be available to talk with, in a room filled with male entrepreneurs.

To be heard, usually, you need to act like a male: harsh, arrogant, and aggressive. But, successful women CEOs suggest the other way. “Be yourself and the world will respect you sooner or later. You always have a choice; fitting yourself as the males define you or letting the hard-work and consistency speak for you.”

This Women’s Day, let us pledge to make things easier for women because following their heart and passion with all love is their right as well.

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SEO – The Digital Backdrop of The Internet!

With the advancement in the SEO industry, today, it has become a major part of every company. Right from the website to blogs, it rules the internet. Gone are the days when SEO was just related to keywords and backlinks. Today, SEO itself deals with content and data optimization. Google Algorithm consists of more than 2000 determinants and out of these, SEO is the most complex yet influential element.

Search Engine Optimization is the science used for exploring the horizon of search results and with the constant improvement in the SEO rules, some ranking determinants have vanished completely from the internet (which may have been the essence of SEO till the last minute) and discrete ones have appeared out of the blue.

SEO Update by Mahima Chawla
SEO Update

Following is the list of the “Game Changing” trends of SEO that still a lot of companies are not using!

Intensifying Voice Search

Here is an interesting fact – 20% of people are using voice search on their Android or Apple smartphones. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, while announcing the Google I/O keynote, he shared this information with the world. Gone are the days when people used to type and search for the right answers over various search engines. Now, voice-activated smartphones and smart speakers like, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Google Assistant are helping people to experience a new sphere of searching and interacting.

Prioritizing User Experience:

As the world is experiencing the skyline of digitalization, the user is becoming impatient. Today, regardless of the search device or engine, everyone is looking for a quick fix for the problems. Another study conducted by Google stated, “any website that takes more than 4 seconds to load actually ends up losing 40% of its users right after the 4th Second”

Apart from the website loading time, how quick the user understands the navigation process on the website or what a blog wants to specify also affect the user experience. This is where SEO experience plays its role for the user as it goes beyond the loading time of a website.

According to Google, a coherent and a flawless user experience is a major subset of its ranking system regardless of what the search platform is!

The Video Content Augmentation:

According to Cisco Study, 82% of consumer traffic will be generated by video content by the year 2021 arrives. This is a crucial information because if this is the case then all other famous content platforms we know as of now will fall into oblivion. Right now, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google in the world. Therefore, collaborating SEO with Video content is the next big leap!

Featured Snippets:

A Search Engine Result Page (SERP) feature is the foundation of SEO. Featured Snippets means the organic selected searches that appear below the ad box on the Google Top Page. The aim of featured snippets is to answer user query right away. They help in attracting 10% of the online traffic that is being generated online every second. SEO here plays a vital role in structuring and formatting the content for featured snippets.

Altogether, SEO is evolving and changing rapidly which eventually shapes business on various digital platforms. If SEO is not a part of your business on diverse levels then you are losing a lot of revenue generating opportunities which will hinder the significance of business in the future.

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The Advertising and Social Media updates for the year 2018

From our own life stories to global events, advertising & social media shape everything into meaningful stories. Nowadays, different firms have been wondering about their future since social media and online advertising have taken the front row in the marketing sector. We all know, due to these two valuable assets, the marketing realm has experienced ‘physical and virtual transformation’ throughout the universe.

Here is a list of advertising & social media updates for the year 2018 which will help anyone to explore the pinnacle of success.

The Facebook Monopoly:

Today, Facebook has successfully built a partnership between three worlds: the private corporations, government, and the individuals. According to a research conducted in the year 2017, Facebook is the most famous social networking site worldwide having 2.06 billion monthly active user rating. Its Facebook live feature has been extremely popular amongst the end users as it directly connects the respective followers with an individual or a company they love. However, unfortunately, this live broadcast is only available on smartphones & tablets for brands having their own Facebook page. Nonetheless, Facebook is launching the same for desktops as well as laptops to seduce the YouTube users in order to sustain its benchmark in the social media domain.

The Artificial Intelligence Backdrop:

The future of advertising & social media in the marketing world will turn the tables for many as Artificial Intelligence element is going to be added soon in creating interactive dynamic personalized videos. Videos are the new fresh form of marketing as more than 42% people spend their time on Facebook and YouTube watching videos in a week. In the year 1472, the first ad in the history was ever documented and now it is 2018; the era of revolution and innovation. With the help of AI, the ads will now focus on four major aspects; interaction, mobile adaptability, data-driven, and conversational. It is actually going to take the one-way form of communication video and will turn it into an interactive experience that will indeed sell products there and then.

The Search Engine Optimization Effect:

Studies have shown if a website is not at the top of the Google page then, unfortunately, that company will never reach its customers online. If your competitors rank is better than yours then it is the SEO effect that you lack. Since 2016, Google has been giving priority to the mobile compatibility content over non-mobile agreement content. So, if your website is not in agreement with the smartphone then make sure it is from now on in order to increase your ranking. Make sure you keep an eye on: ‘Click Through Rates and Dwell Time’. If your titles and descriptions on the website, advertisements, and videos are keyword oriented (SEO plays a vital role here) then CTRs make sure one gets more visitors and hence, gets the better return on the investment. Dwell time, on the other hand, means how quickly do you get back to the search result page after clicking on a website because frankly, no one likes to wait.

Embrace Voice & Visual Search:

Look, how smart are smartphones getting! Nothing has had a greater influence on the growth of marketing and technology than voice & visual search. As the companies are gradually getting fond of these, that does not mean the advertising industry will surely adapt these instantly. Many advertisers & SEO experts are doing the hit and trial method in order to figure out what results these will produce and what effects will they cause over the marketing segment as a whole.

Now, as the new year begins, give your advertising and marketing the ‘makeover’ they deserve.

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