Is Content Marketing Making Or Breaking Your Brand?

Content is the king. We have all known this cliché, but, however clichéd it may sound, content marketing is what can make or break your brand. Interestingly, according Smart Insights, the trend is that content marketing is commercially the most important aspect of a brand.

Though content marketing is obvious, as the market of startups becomes competitive, the obvious becomes a challenge. A challenge, which is keeping the digital marketers on their toes.

Let’s explore how content marketing is the key to a brand building activity:

The core

Today’s consumer is – educated, informed, and engaged and what forms the core of these three words is, content. So, if you truly aim to educate, inform and engage your consumer, content marketing will take your brand a long way. All you need is a well-designed content strategy, which includes a perfect blend of the elements of content marketing – SEO content, blogs, social media content, and even website content. This perfect blend is exclusive to every brand and can only be achieved when you understand the aim of your brand.

It’s not direct always

A lot of us mistake content marketing as a direct way of reaching to a consumer, but that is not the case. Content marketing is not sales, content marketing is informing the consumer about the product in an unbiased way. This gives the consumer the authority to make a choice of whether or not the brand is the right fit for them. All you need to do is write a compelling content that will create trust among consumers.

Know your audience

Before launching the product, the need is to know whom your product is targeted to. When this is defined, the content marketing strategy follows, as to how this audience will be approached. You can then customise your paid digital media strategy and also how serious or interactive your content will be.

Time it well

Timing your strategy well is of utmost importance to ensure you get to your target audience when it’s most critical. Every product category has its peak selling season, so plan your strategies well in advance and ensure that you give enough time to your consumers to register the information and act on it.

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