#FacebookReactions: Can These Affect Ads?

Facebook Reaction
Facebook Reaction
This blog will give you an insight on how the newly-introduced Facebook reactions can affect the ads.

Facebook, recently, announced the expansion of its like feature, called Reactions
Rolling out across the world from past two days, the reactions will have five emoticons, apart from the ‘Like’, expressing love, laughter, wow moment, sadness and anger. Facebook had also tested a ‘Yay’ emoticon, a smiling face with rosy cheeks but, was removed during testing because it was not fully understood by the test users.

What is Facebook Reactions?
Reactions is an extension of the Like button we all have been accustomed to for all these years of using Facebook. These emoticons have refined the way we see and respond to different posts. Imagine who would want to click a like button to a sad news? Well, now you have asad emoticon to depict the same.
Or what if you not just like a photo but simply love it? Here’s a heart sign that will let you show your love.

Similarly, laughter emoticon can be used on posts you find extremely hilarious, wow to some of the never-seen-before kind of posts and anger to posts that make you feel angry.

Would Reactions affect Facebook Ads?

As per Facebook metrics, which includes likes in ads reports, will also include Reactions from here on. These won’t be broken down into individual Reactions.
Breakdown of Reactions can be seen in page insights only. So, an advertiser can analyse the Reactions breakdown from Page Insights. So, receiving more “Angry” can be taken as users displeasure towards the content, while love can depict the posts that go perfectly well with the target audience.

For ads delivery, Reactions are treated in the same way as Likes for Ads delivery.

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