Email Marketing – How to optimize email marketing campaigns?

Do you know why your email marketing is not performing? Are you only focusing on sending mails to everyone with same message? Then, stop for moment and read this:

While doing email campaign, do check following 3 elements to optimize the email marketing

  • Database
  • Communication
  • Content


Database is the most important and basic element of email marketing. Brand should analyse the database before it begins email marketing.

Segmentation of database is necessary to ensure the email marketing reaches right audience. Segmentation is not limited to buyer/non-buyer, demographics or purchase value. The most important segmentation for any email marketing is Open Id and Non-Open Ids.

Why Open and Non-Open segmentation is important? The higher the user engagement with brand emails, the better domain and IP reputation would be. So, the first segmentation should be Open Ids and Non-Open Ids. Users who open brand mails considered as users interested in communication from the brand.

Brand should send the emails to Open Ids more frequently to improve the Domain reputation.

To non-open data, mails should go once in a week, regularly sending mails to non–open data will hamper the domain and IP.

Communication –

When a brand is clear about the segmentation, it is easy to set the right communication. As per segmentation, subject line and mail message should be defined. For instance, Higher user base, is not opening the brand mails consistently, will lead to spam. To avoid this, use interesting subject line, generate the curiosity and urgency to get your mail open, but it should not be irrelevant to content of the mailer or promotion.Also, analyse the time when brand mails have been checked by users. Send the mails at peak time of previous mails, to improve the open rates.


Content is another important factor to improve the engagement and ROI. It is important to cater the content as per the user behaviour apart from the promotional content. Customers not always look for promotions, discounts, freebies etc. It is important to educate them about product, its benefits, and usage. Educate your user about the trends, this will also improve the engagement on your E-mailers

How to decide the content?

  1. Non-Open mail ids – Send informative content, comparison between your brand and other brands in pictorial format.
  2. Non-Active data – Send the content, based on user behaviour. For instance, some users log in but do not use the product, update them with benefits for using the product. Share the information and deals on the product on which they spend more time.

These are basic steps for optimization of the email marketing. Brand should cross check these 3 elements on regular basis to improve the ROI and deliverability rate of E-mailer.

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