5 Points to consider while creating Instagram Account

These are 5 things you should keep in mind when creating the Instagram account:

  • Use business name as username – Always use the business name to create an account on Instagram. If the business name is not available, then pick a name, which is directly connected to the business.
  • Connect your account with FB – Instagram is now owned by FB. Connect these two very powerful social media sites to boost your marketing efforts.
  • Make an Instagram tab on your FB page – This tab will help in sharing the Instagram picture on your FB wall, for the FB fans to see..
  • Hashtag your post – Hashtag is one of the factors that gets the posts a wider visibility on Instagram. It also lets users find the brand.
    • Brand specific #hashtags –  Use the brand specific #hashtag, to get more brand visibility
    • Use trending hashtags – If you find trending hashtags, which gel with the brand, do use it. Post will be seen by thousands in an instant.
    • Hashtag contest – Do run the hashtag contest, and let the followers upload the images with the promotional/brand hashtags. This will improve the brand hashtag visibility.
  • Share your post and engage – Share your posts, but be creative. Do not promote the campaign or a product through Instagram. Be smart with the images and videos. They should be connected to the brand but also be interactive to attract the users. Use more real time pictures and videos.

Never forget your followers:

  • Do like your followers’ posts
  • Share your followers’ posts with related hashtags
  • Appreciate the followers’ posts and share it on your FB and Twitter accounts.

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